D.I.V.O institute


The D.I.V.O. Institute is a living museum where
art is displayed, created and discussed. As a
non-profit-making organization, it is financed by
donations and grants.
In a local context, the Institute will strive to overcome the
boredom and disorientation that prevails in European contemporary
art and provincial towns by providing a vibrant and exciting alternative.
The "inhabited sculpture" is an excellent solution for this
difficult mission. Not only will it facilitate a melting pot for a variety
of creative fields (Visual Art, Theatre, Film and Music)
but also will lead to the creation of a colourful, living art-work
which addresses people who would otherwise have no easy
access to contemporary art. It will form a framework for
regular artistic events, readings, concerts, performances and
discussions and help to create a strong local and
international network. The program of cultural events that the
Institute provides for the people of Kolin will bring international contemporary art to
the Prague periphery, helping to stimulate both international
tourism and European dialogue. Invited artists will be offered
a testing ground for artistic experiment within the small town
of Kolin and will have a forum for international exchange with
other visiting artists.